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What we do todayEpisodeFun Fact
Became Pop StarsThis was the first Episode that started the songs
Built Robot Versions of OurselvesPerry has an entrance called the Chimneyvator
Made it Snow in SummerDeedee was actually a guy
Tried to make an Ice Cream MachineHeinz is allergic to Dairy products
Fixed a Time MachineWithout Heinz to foil Perry's life is Empty
Built two Treehouse RobotsDoofenshmirtz hates lots of things from Bellhops to Taxi Drivers
Had a Chariot Race through DanvilleCandace thinking she turns people to stone is due to thinking she is Medusa
Had a Birthday party for our MomLinda is voiced by an Actress called Caroline Rhea also Famous for Sabrina
Did absolutely NothingFirst time Phineas and Ferb did nothing
Invented the Rainbowinator!First Time Phineas and Ferbs invention hid Doofenshmirtz invention
Went up Into SpaceFirst trip into Space
Found NoseyNosey needs Zinc to stay healthy
Made people aware of AgletsAlways check the Box!
Made an Aquarium for GoldieGoldie was another Pet the boys had briefly
Made a Platypus themed RestaurantFirst time we see Isabella and Doofenshmirtz at same time
Made a Virtual WorldCandace's Hairdryer was a deadly weapon
Made a huge paper Mache AeroplaneThe Boys name the plane the Paper Pelican
Had a televised QuizCandace thinks Jeremy has hunky ankles
Made a Car Wash to save the Star Nose MoleDoofenshmirtz remembers what an Aglet is
Searched for PerryPerry fights another villian called the Regurgitator
What we do todayEpisodeFun Fact
Played Hide and SeekIrvings first Appearance
Helped baljeet learn about Rock and RollTitle name of a famous band
Made X-Ray GlassesPerry fights a rogue Agent a Bunny!
Built a SpaCandace and Stacey had a crush on a boy called Billy Clarke
Travelled around in a Giant BubbleDoofenshmirtz wears pants with Perry on them
Ferb Helped Jeremy to danceFerb is a very good dancer and scored all 10's
Found the lost Underwater CityIrving has his Camera Stolen by an Eel
Made a Device that let us go through wallsLinda has a lucky guitar pick
Built Niagra FallsWhen Jeremy is not around Suzy is fine with Candace
Made a machine that defies GravityFirst Time Carl and Monogram meet the boys in person
Tricked out old kids RidesTrapping the Villian in his own trap is not Ironic its just Lazy
Went and saw Space AdventureFirst time we see family Members for Buford/Baljeet and Irving
Ferb found a new PetSteve is another Pet but is Ferbs and has not been seen since this episode
Became a SuperheroKhaka Pue Pue was Voiced by Ben Stiller
Made a Lemonade StandHeinz cannot spot Perry unless he is properly dressed
Built a Giant MazeEchoes can be broken
Helped Dad be a Washed up Pop StarLawrence is Voiced by Richard O'Brian famous for the Crystal Maze
Made an All Terrain VechicleThe last Secret is FREPO
Had an Intimate Get Together with Candace and friendsFirst time we see Candace get into trouble
Went to the Moon to make Ice CreamIrving has a crush on Candace

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