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Can you name the Dr Who Quiz Off 2005 - 2011?

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Dr Who QuizHint
 Trusty device that doesn't do wood
 The Time Machine
 The Race That Fought the Timelords
 An Old friend of the Doctor's from Gallifrey
 Human 2.0
 Companion who saved the Earth
 Time Agent
 Allows the Doctor to be anyone
 What The Master Turned The TARDIS into
 The creature who warns that 'Silence will fall'
 'Of Timelord Orgin'
 Companion thats keeps Dying
 'The Circle Must be broken'
 The Doctors Dark Side
 What a Timelord pours their soul into
 A way to open The TARDIS
 The Doctors Mate
 Computer in Bannerman Road
 The Lodger
 The Masters Wife
 Diamond Planet
 Aliens of Fat
 Item the Doctor says is cool
 Rivers Weapon
 Aliens that look like Potatoes
Dr Who QuizHint
 Weapon that has Isomorphic Controls
 Piranhas of The Air
 Name used frequently by the Doctor
 The Girl Who Waited
 Message Sent Through Time
 Former Prime Minister
 Sarah Janes Son
 Last Companion Visited before Regeneration
 Mode Of Transport used to leave the Planet Of the Dead
 What happened to the Human race in End Of Time
 Doctor's Home World
 Dalek's Home World
 Davros' ultimate victory weapon
 Female ally to Jack in Torchwood
 Male Ally to Jack in Torchwood
 Thing used to kill the Nestene Conciousness
 Creatures who Can't stand Vinegar
 Dalek Warship in Stolen Earth
 How the Children Of Time Spoke to each other
 Companion who has an opening head
 Melody Pond's new name
 Creatures with the Battle Chant
 Don't Blink
 What is given to most Companions and opens The Time Machine
 What is Doctor Who an anagram of?

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