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Can you name the words from A to Z that end in C?

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A. Sharp tasting or sour
B. Easy, simple
C. Having a meaning that is mysterious or obsucre
D. Radical, extreme
E. L.A. Reid is Chairman/CEO of this record company
F. Distraught with fear and anxiety
G. Health care regarding elderly individuals
H. Oath taken by physicians
I. Relating to the essential nature of a thing
J. The middle period of the Mesozoic Era
K. Relating to or resulting from motion
L. A style of writing using very few words
M. A member of a M.A.S.H. unit
N. Of a group of prohibited drugs
O. Nerve that transmits information from the retina to the brain
P. A world-wide disease outbreak
Q. Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical
R. Relating to the country; simple in design
S. Radio wave interference
T. Band formed in 1999 by former members of Days of the New
U. The opposite of Robert Frost's writings
V. Liable to burst out violently
W. Howard Stern's station in New York City from 1982-1985
X. Showing dislike or prejudice against people from foreign countries
Y. Relating to Element 70 on the Periodic Table
Z. Members of this include Cancer, Leo, and Aries.

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