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When taking band suggestions, a fan noticed that they were hard of hearing.
Named to honor Paul McCartney, who used this last name in his Silver Beatles days
This band was rushing to come up with a band name before their first gig
The lead singer of this band thought royalty was glamorous
Originally Teen King and the Emergencies, they chose this name in honor of the Byrds
Short for de-evolution
The members of this band used to hang out at an Orlando flea market called the Backstreet Market
Named for strange UFOs sighted by World War II pilots
Named for the lead singer's dog, who had a problem walking
Taken from a Bob Dylan song 'The Ballad of Frankie Lee and ______'
Inspired by Michigan's Grand Trunk Western Railroad
From a 1972 Jeff Bridges movie of the same name
Came from a sewing machine label, referring to electricity
The financial condition of the band when they first started

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