Holiday Quiz / Word Ladder: Wish for Cratchit

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Can you complete the 5-letter word ladder about Bob Cratchit?

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Hint5-Letter Word
Cratchit's job for Ebenezer Scrooge
Lewis' exploration partner
Sound of Jacob Marley's chains
Turning device
April 1 activity
Pirates make you walk this
Astral or Cartesian, e.g.
Object you eat off of
Babble, to speak pointlessly
Unpleasant rasping, or, a fireplace
Pair, or supporting structure
Small amount; vestige
Hint5-Letter Word
In a moment
'The _____ Is Right.'
John _____ who sings 'Sam Stone'
Primp and get ready in a mirror
Rim, edge
Quickly open and shut eyes
Move in a quiet, furtive manner
A huge fuss or public outcry
Had a bad odor
Pepe Le Pew is one
Little lizard critter
One of the sides in a pick up game
A top or a dryer does this
What Cratchit needed when facing Ebenezer

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