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QUIZ: Can you name the word that contain 'rest'?

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Uncontrollable blaze sustained by violent winds.
Uneasy, impatient.
Money can earn this.
Prevent, preempt.
Bring something back to its original state.
Dwelling or growing wild in the fields.
To limit.
Gorbachev's 1980s Communist Party reformation.
The 'T' from 'E.T.'
Actor Kelley who played Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy.
When your pearl necklace breaks, you have to do this.
Disappointed or downhearted.
The most naked.
Misjudging something significantly.
Horizontal support beam.
Magician's word.
Stop or seize.
Men in tights do this.
Robert Irvine won't let these be impossible.
Sometimes criminals are made to pay this.
Mirror, mirror, who's the _______ of them all?
Sometimes this can't be seen for the trees.
Skinniest; thinnest.
Respect, admiration.

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