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Definition/ClueReal Word
Is your hair (or you) worth this product?
Dali, MirĂ³ and Magritte are known for their _______ artwork.
To change position or direction.
OK, this one's a 'gimme.'
When you lose your grip on this, you're in trouble.
A tombstone made of marble would be a _________ memorial.
Knife the Wheaties (or the Weetabix), and you're a ______ killer.
Repurpose or reassign.
Coin of the _____.
Definition/ClueReal Word
The Internet in heaven would be this.
To make real.
Some STDs are ________ diseases.
Diplomacy based on practical factors, rather than ideological notions.
Koalas, monkeys and tree snakes are ________ animals.
Gloomy, depressing.
Person who sells land and/or buildings.
Aurora ________.

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