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Definition'Nic' Word
Relating to local government.
Candy bar? or chuckle?
Abnormal state of stupor or rigidity.
Musical instrument; 'mouth organ.'
Person with scornful or negative outlook.
Not Doric or Corinthian...
Romans wore togas, Greeks wore ______.
Mental illness with contradictory attitudes or emotions.
Sobriquet; moniker.
This wheeled vehicle is not built for two.
Element whose symbol is 'Ni.'
Industrial and mechanical.
Unexpected; paradoxical.
Definition'Nic' Word
Cheap theater. Pianola or jukebox.
Fussy; hard to please.
Horizontal ornamental molding.
Pleasant; agreeable.
Electronic systems on aircraft.
The __________ of Narnia.
Type of plague.
Deadly carcinogen.
Made with tomatoes, garlic, capers, black olives, and anchovies.
Cranny or hollow.
Natural plant remedy to reduce pain.

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