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DefinitionMer word
Characteristic of trade, traders, sellers.
Volatile; changeable in temperament.
One who works only for money; also, professional soldier.
Fish-eating diving duck, with hooked bill.
Sunscreen used to absorb ultraviolet A radiation.
Dry red wine.
Pain in the thigh.
Showing cleavage of only the non-yolky part of the zygote, as in birds' eggs.
Small falcon with dark feathers; Arthur's magician.
Imaginary line joining North and South Poles.
Compassion, forgiveness.
Half Woman, Half Fish.
Metallic element; Roman messenger god; Planet nearest the sun.
Amusement ride, often with painted horses.
Only; nothing more than that specified.
DefinitionMer word
Based on pretense; vulgar, garish.
Characteristic 1960s Liverpudlian pop music.
Combine, unite, blend together.
Beaten eggs and sugar, used to top pies.
Superior quality; excellence.
Lively dance of Haitian/Dominican origin.
A part of something used to refer to the whole.
Strong, racy, unadulterated.
Landmark or boundary made of stones.
Partial blindness.
A rare disease in which food is chewed, swallowed, and then returned to the mouth and chewed again.
Advanced larva of a trilobite.
A rare colorless or pale-green neosilicate mineral.
Frozen ground.

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