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Threefold; three copies.
To push or propel on wheels or rollers. '_______ bed.'
Person who wears clothes of the opposite sex for pleasure.
Someone who is sent from one place to another; someone who receives a conveyance. L-1 visa.
The quality of transmitting light.
Extinct anthropod. Computer game company spells it with a 'y.'
Sweet syrup; cloying sentiment.
Government by three men, for example Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey.
Not false; real, genuine, accurate.
Buying and selling; exchange.
High pitched; the upper clef.
To switch, to reverse order.
Three-wheeler for children.
Company of actors, singers or dancers.
Distress, affliction, difficulty.
(adjective) The ability to be healed.
Evidence of passage. Also, and extremely small amount.
Hypnotic state.
To sedate.
Tall plant with a trunk and leaves.
Intestine. Also can mean rubbish or balderdash.
To change from one form to another.
To transfer blood from one person to another.
Mushroom; rich chocolate confection.
A geometric form made up of three sides.
To walk or tramp about.
To wound, injure, or psychologically devastate.
To flow or fall in a thin stream.
Valuable or precious possessions; loot, swag.
Extensive written discourse on a subject.
One who is undergoing instruction. H-3 visa.
Homage; acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration.
Pedal operated by foot for a circular drive.
The quality of being preeminent or supreme; lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.
Hanging bar used by acrobats and gymnasts.
Plod heavily or wearily.
Large family or clan.
To make a full written or typewritten copy.
Horizontal beam used on train track.
Process used to sort injured people.
To pass across, over or through.
To happen, occur, come to light.
Shake, quake, vibrate.
To crush underfoot.
Long brass instrument with movable slide.
To shorten by cutting off; to terminate abruptly.
Bouncy gymnastic apparatus used to jump up and down, and for tumbling.
Someone charged with the care of property or funds.
A very short period of time; an instant.
Agreement to suspend hostilities.
To beat, to vanquish, especially in a game.
To alter; to transform, to alter the outward appearance of.
Collection of valuable items.

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