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QUIZ: Can you name the words that contain 'tea' or 'tee'?

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Definition/ClueTea/Tee Word
Military base cafeteria, or water flask.
Spire. ('Here is the church, here is the _______...')
Green/blue color, or a kind of duck.
French house or cottage.
Annoy, mock; also, a trashy hairstyle.
Integer after fourteen.
Guardian or fiduciary.
Pointed chin beard.
Promise; warranty.
Definition/ClueTea/Tee Word
The Ingalls family lived on a _________.
Purloin, filch, pilfer.
Someone with a surgically-removed limb.
Candy bar is named after these three.
Hiaasen's 'Naked came the _______.' (no, not mermaid)
Aardvark, numbat, pangolin.
Famous rabbit.
Football ____ (there is no 'i' in this word).
East Indies wood, used for boats and furniture.

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