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Definition/ClueT-P Word
Transfer from one conveyance to another for resending.
Fiduciary duty (noun).
Nerd; dippy person.
Root eaten as a vegetable.
What you hear shortly after you see lightning.
Group of soldiers.
Your car needs this periodically.
Excellent, first-rate.
To pack down.
Rest, food and fuel station for lorry drivers.
Neckwear pin for men.
Donald _____; suit of cards in bridge.
Hobo, or perhaps a woman of loose morals.
Non-permanent office worker.
Definition/ClueT-P Word
Product of weeping.
New Jersey has a lot of these municipalities.
Plane with fanjet engine.
Finish with small corrections.
Canvas cover, or, since 2009, a kind of government funding.
Goes with saucer.
Surface of dining board.
Beer can be bottled or on ___.
Strumpet or slattern.
Upper reaches of a pine, maple, etc.
Heavy sound.
Store selling games and playthings.
Holland is famous for these flowers.
Flip of a coin.

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