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Definition/ClueSuit Word
Tight-fitting permeable outfit worn by skin divers.
What you wear to the pool or the beach.
What it's called when your European hotel room comes equipped with its own bathroom.
An action brought before a court.
To bring proceedings against the person who sues you.
A one-piece garment; a parachutist's uniform.
Chase (can be hot!); engage in a regular activity or hobby.
What someone is 'wearing' when they are n-e-w-d.
To put on particular clothes in preparation for a particular activity.
Appropriate to a purpose or an occasion.
A set of connected rooms.
Regular piece of luggage, usually rectangular.
Definition/ClueSuit Word
A (fashionable) piece of luggage for carrying suits and dresses.
A man's dress suit or tuxedo.
A man who woos or courts a woman.
A member of the Society of Jesus.
To act according to one's own wishes.
Outfit popularized by Italians and Hispanics in the 1930s and 1940s.
Inappropriate; not a good fit.
To imitate; to play a similar card to one that has been played.
Someone's greatest talent, most conspicuous character trait.
Board game regarding facts that was popular in the 1980s.
French for 'immediately' or 'at once.'
Oh please. Garment; court proceeding; to be appropriate for.

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