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Trees provide this on a sunny day.
A kind of dog story, or a Scooby Doo character.
Type of onion.
Wooden outside window cover.
Game you play on a cruise ship.
Not deep.
Mako and Hammerhead are kinds of _____.
The _______ of Nottingham, Robin Hood's foe.
Take this job and _____ it.
Word describing a knife or razor.
'They say that cat _____ is a baa-aad mutha... Shut your mouth!'
________ Joe Jackson.
Movie starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie (not Heaven Can Wait).
Kissinger practiced _______ diplomacy.
Irish walking stick.
Crude little cabin.
What you put on the bed.
_______ cream.
College diploma.
______ Chic.
Badge; protective piece of armor.
Part of the roof.
The ____ of Iran.
Jock, therapy, radio, treatment or wave....
Japanese army ruler, also a really bad movie starring Joan Chen.
Deceitful character; evasive or untrustworthy.
What you do with books.
Unethical lawyer.
Ram or ewe.
No ifs, ands or buts, ___________ is stealing.
Irish good luck symbol.
'The ______ knows.'
Witch doctor, primitive priest.
Avoid, ignore.

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