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CluePin Word/Name/Phrase
Short, stiff piece of wire with a sharp point.
Color made mixing red and white. ____ Floyd.
Rodent with long quills and coarse hair.
Highest point; peak.
English nanny played by Julie Andrews.
North American aquatic turtle; Mascot for Univeristy of Maryland College Park.
Joy or elation.
His nose grew every time he lied (unlike modern-day politicians).
Back of a book; what your ribs are attached to.
Tommy was a wizard at this.
Lying on one's back; inclined; sloping.
To squeeze between one's fingers; to steal.
Plunder; forcible seizure of another's property.
Archipelagic nation in Southeast Asia.
Central person or item. The 'glue' that keeps everything else together.
Evergreen tree.
To support from below, as with props, girders, or masonry.
16 ounces.
Rotate; twirl around.
French composer; composed 'Heroic.' Lover of George Sand.
Kind of suit, usually associated with business or power brokers.
What you put on a pizza. British people use this word to mean 'behead.'
CluePin Word/Name/Phrase
Famed detective agency hired to track Jesse James and the Wild Bunch.
What someone thinks; everyone has one.
Major League outfielder who now manages the Chicago Cubs.
Item used to secure hair; sharp bend in the road.
H.M.S. ________; garment like an apron worn over a dress.
Thing that you try to knock down in bowling.
Resembling a wolf. Also a plant of the pea family.
Many insects have these. In military parlance it means to attack two flanks at once.
Large light triangular racing sail used on yachts.
Red wine made from black grape.
Encroach, strike or trespass.
Top person in an organization. Usually refers to mafiosos.
Table tennis.
Green leafy vegetable that Popeye eats.
Patron saint of shoemakers. Shakespeare's Henry V has the famous '-- -- Day' speech.
Allowance or cash for incidental expenses.
'Painted' horse. Also, exploding Ford vehicle.
To be discontented, depressed or yearning; complain or fret.
Spiney yellow fruit often grown in Hawaii.
Scorpion fish; fishes of the family Cottidae.
Spectacles with no earpieces.
Confusion, panic; rapid, steep descent of aircraft; loss of emotional control.
To restrain or immobilize; to bind. 'Rack and ______.'

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