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Definition/Clue'ole' Word
Deep dish used to cook and serve food. Tuna _________.
Language of the West Indies. '______ Lady Marmalade.'
Entire; not partial.
Fancy kind of watch that costs thousands of $$.
Acute infectious disease of the small intestine causing diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.
Marx's working class.
Disturb, interfere with, or attack sexually.
Persuade using gentle pleading or flattery.
Second wife of King Henry VIII, whom he had beheaded.
Shaped, formed or finished.
Earnest, serious, sober.
Expression of sympathy.
Rodent similar to a mouse. Also, a winning hand or grand-slam.
Spanish for beans; kidney beans.
Native American tribe related to Creeks.
Impropriety, mistake, violation of etiquette.
Dreary, mournful.
Salad made with finely cut raw cabbage.
Figure of speech using exaggeration.
Controversial argument which refutes or attacks a specific doctrine.
Calorie-free fat substitute used in snacks.
Canvas-backed floor covering.
Definition/Clue'ole' Word
Egyptian-born Roman mathematician and astronomer.
Give out; charity. Also 1996 Republican presidential candidate.
Poisonous evergreen shrub with white, pink, or purple flowers.
Soporific, drowsy, sleepy.
Smallest particle with 2 or more atoms; a tiny bit.
Immature; teenager.
Star of 'Lawrence of Arabia,' 'The Lion in Winter,' and 'The Stuntman.'
Disorder characterized by attacks of deep sleep.
French-born American fashion designer favored by Jacqueline Kennedy.
What Native Hawaiians call white people, even though they don't (always) howl.
Intense or extreme force.
Short negligee; sleeveless undergarment.
Trunk of a tree. Also a reddish-brown color.
Having received no training or education.
Baltimore's baseball team.
Type of search; programming language
Fictional London serial killer from short story. Featured in Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 'The Hands of Mr. _________.'
Bonaparte or Duarte.
Malicious; ill will; wishing harm to others.
City in Spain, and in Ohio (situated on Lake Erie).
Substance pumped from the Earth and used to make gas, kerosene, asphalt, etc.
Only. Also, the bottom of the foot.
Definition/Clue'ole' Word
Yummy dip made of avocado and onion.
Robbed. Also, a kind of shawl.
Short jacket. Also musical piece by Maurice Ravel featured in the 1979 movie '10.'
Radio or TV cabinet. Also, to comfort.
Skunk or fitch.
Large, stately tomb.
Shade of lavender or purple.
Function or position. Character played by an actor.
Famous prison in California (means 'loneliness' in Spanish). Also first name of TV journalist O'Brien.
Lazy, lethargic.
Baby frog or toad.
Half-turn in dressage. Also, a shell or a spiral staircase.
Freckle. Also blind underground mammal.
Outmoded; no longer in use.
Hollowed-out place. Also, Courtney Love's band.
'Sun Circus,' known for its incredible acrobatics.
Spanish expression of applause.
Someone from Poland. Also a long cylindrical piece of wood.
Early release of convicted prisoner.
Permit, put up with, endure.
Slang term for the University of Mississippi
Car manufacturer that makes Camaro, Malibu, etc.

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