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Definition/Clue'Fri' word
'You want _____ with that?'
'Are you done? What's in the ______?'
Your cat is this, but you hope the cop who pats you down isn't.
Type of warship.
To scare.
Silly, trivial.
Entablature; bas relief.
'Beans' in Spanish.
A moment of intense excitement; a shudder. (French)
Sort of a monk. '_____ Tuck.'
Trivial bit of finery.
Outsider's nickname for San Francisco.
Plastic disc toy.
Handel's middle name.
Engels', Nietzsche's and Mesmer's first name.
Hair that looks like it's been zapped is this.
Definition/Clue'Fri' word
'There are no ______ women, only clumsy men.'
Ruffly, lacy.
Trifle; also, a milkshake at Friendly's restaurant.
Not the minister, but rather the chicken.
Easily broken up; crumbly.
Show with Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox.
Day of the week.
German first name. '_____ the Cat.'
'If at first you don't _________, fry, fry a hen.'
The little surrey in 'Oklahoma!' has this on top.
Vulgar word, slightly nicer than the 'F' word.
Type of consonant, such as 'f'.
Fried cake (noun); squander (verb).
Popular corn chips.
Heat produced by rubbing.

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