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Definition/ClueEw Word :-)
Entrance to garage.
What you do to get a job.
Confuse, befuddle.
Native American term for alcohol.
Common metal alloy.
Kind of highway.
One of the four Gospels.
Show with two Darrens, and Aunt Agatha.
On TV these can be 'desperate,' or 'real.'
Wayne, or Isaac.
Clark's buddy, or author Carroll.
Apostle also known as Nathaniel.
'The Taming of the _____.'
One of Israel's official languages.
Definition/ClueEw Word :-)
Recently married person.
'__________ is forearmed.'
Popular nut.
Nixon's VP.
Raunchy, lustful.
'So long, ________, auf Wiedersehen, good night...'
Kitten sound, or hawk cage.
What one did over the cuckoo's nest.
Pyrotechnic devices used for celebrations (New Year, July 4th, etc.)
Neither hot nor cold; a tepid Gospel?
Not 'Time,' rather the other magazine.
Canadian province.
Shun or abstain from.
Tool to remove wine bottle stopper.

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