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Definition/ClueWord/Name Begins With El
The 'little thumb' of Central America.
Historical unit of measure; right-angled bend; 12th letter of the alphabet.
Eagerness, passion, enthusiasm.
To express in great detail. As adjective, to be very detailed.
Running off to get married.
Buxom 'Mistress of the Dark.'
To make, or be, happy, proud or joyful.
Arm joint; also a kind of macaroni.
Dark purple fruit used to make wine (popular in 'Arsenic and Old Lace') or preserves. 'Your father smells of...'
Sprite; small, mischievous creature.
To remove, excrete, get rid of.
To extend, stretch, make longer.
To draw out, educe, get information.
Bonaparte was able ere he saw this.
Persuasive, powerful discourse; movingly expressive.
Stretchable, flexible, rebounding.
Bugs Bunny's nemesis who says, 'That cwazy wabbit!'
Can be African or Indian and has a long ... memory.
Pacific Ocean water warming, causing unusual weather patterns.
Greek sculptures, originally from the Parthenon, now at the British Museum in London.
To make clear, to clarify.
U.S. inventor of the cotton gin (machine, not the drink).
Another or different place, somewhere ____.
Six-year-old girl from children's literature who lives in New York 'room on the tippy-top floor' of the Plaza hotel.
Common North American shade tree of the genus Ulmus.
U.S. jazz/scat singer. Able to shatter glass?
Definition/ClueWord/Name Begins With El
Wing case; forewings of beetle or other insect covering the hind wings.
Declaim; recite, like an actor.
Queens I and II; actress with 'violet eyes to die for.'
Very old.
The King of Rock and Roll.
Choice, choose. What happens in the US at least every 2 years, 4 when a president is involved.
Chevrolet vehicle: part car, part pickup truck.
Superior class, especially intellectually, socially, or economically.
'Heaven' in Greek Mythology.
Large deer, sometimes called a moose.
Little Cuban boy who became a cause célèbre in Miami in 2000.
Extinct ancient language.
Oval; also, the President's Park South.
To slip by, pass, especially time.
Medicine, liquid that can cure all ills.
Texas town; 'Old __ ____' is also a popular brand of salsa.
Singer of 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.'
Evade, avoid, escape from.
Basic; also another name for primary school.
Famed 'Lost City of Gold,' sought by Gonzalo Pizarro, among others.
Available; qualified or entitled to be chosen.
To kill with electricity.
Hamlet's castle.
A young eel.
Lesbian comedienne, now judging on 'American Idol.'
Favorite Sporcle Central Asian country if it had 'El' in front of it.

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