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Can you fill in the missing words to complete the Ghost of Christmas Present's rebuke to Scrooge?

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``I see a ______ seat,'' replied the Ghost, ``in the poor chimney-corner,
and a ______ without an owner,
carefully _________.
If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future, the child will ___.''
``No, no,'' said Scrooge. ``Oh, no, kind ______! say he will be spared.''
``If these shadows remain _________ by the Future,
none other of my ____,'' returned the Ghost, ``will find him here.
What then? If he be like to die, he had ______ do it,
and decrease the _______ __________.''
_______ hung his head to hear his own words quoted by the Spirit, and was overcome with penitence and grief.
``Man,'' said the Ghost, ``if man you be in _____,
not adamant, forbear that ______ ____ until you have discovered
What the _______ is, and Where it is.
Will you decide what men shall ____,
what men shall ___?
It may be, that in the sight of ______,
you are more _________ and less fit to live than millions
like this poor man's _____.
Oh God! to hear the ______ on the leaf pronouncing
on the too much ____ among
his hungry brothers in the ____!''

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