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Definition/ClueBlu Word
Folk music played on banjos and guitars, originated in Kentucky.
A Puritanical person.
Trite writing, or a bland soft cereal for infants.
Laundry agent used to prevent yellowing, also on steel to prevent rust.
Kind of music; B.B. King was a master of it.
Fairy-tale character who killed 6 of his 7 wives.
To utter suddenly and impulsively.
Of noble or aristocratic descent.
To botch or to move clumsily.
Loud violent gust or loud, arrogant speech.
Short, heavy club.
To fake out or mislead.
Definition/ClueBlu Word
Decorative lining on the inside of a book cover.
The new DVD.
Fat, or a loud sobbing.
Not sharp. A _____ instrument.
Short musket with a flaring muzzle.
Smudge, indistinct, hazy.
Ritual washing or cleansing.
To turn red; a kind of makeup.
'The ________ of happiness.'
Situated beneath the moon.
One of the primary colors.
Common North American bird. The Toronto ________.
Promotional statement like on a book jacket.

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