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Definition/Clue'ag' Word
What you use to cover a cut or wound.
Container for animals.
The right or privilege of voting.
To provoke or make something worse.
Deer; elk.
Primo brand of ice cream.
Resembles lettuce, but isn't.
Scrap of cloth.
Furious; angry.
Fear of open or public places.
Bushy, matted, unkempt. Also, a type of dog story or a character from Scooby Doo.
Short communication; a moral.
Keen interest, impatient expectancy.
How old someone or something is.
Purplish red.
Small short-haired hound; also, Darwin's ship.
'______ Christie.' Also Agnes Moorehead's character on 'Bewitched.'
To overstate or blow things out of proportion.
Plant often said to cause hay fever.
Residue from ore smelting; 'coal ____.' Also term for **** in the UK.
Depending on pronunciation, means either wide open or spiritual Christian love.
In the past.
Big Cat; really fancy car.
Shocked or horrified.
One who is unsure of the existence of God.
Traditional saying; proverb. 'It's an old _____.'
Quick, light, nimble.
Wise person; also a plant or herb.
Drapery. Also stolen property or loot.
A rub-down; Swedish ones are famous.
Chill or fit of shivering.
Card game were the players try to reach 121.
Definition/Clue'ag' Word
Happens to pantyhose with sad regularity.
US candy bar, featured in the movie Beetlejuice.
Large bird of prey.
4-wheeled vehicle, usually pulled by horses. When you are not drinking you are 'on the _____.'
Beeper, used to summon people.
'___ me with a spoon!'
Label. '___ sale,' 'price ___.'
Thorough search; turning things over. '_______ sale.'
Harass, bother.
A flock of geese.
Irregular, rough.
Knife, dirk.
Netherlands capital; site of the International Court of Justice.
There were 10 in Egypt, but not bubonic or black...
Not for; contrary to.
Transformation of liquid to semisolid or solid.
List of things to be done or considered.
Cultivating soil and producing crops.
Hiroshima and ________.
What homeowners pay every month.
Purchase of securities for immediate resale.
Massive slaughter, massacre.
Omen; intuition of a future occurrence.
Antagonist in Shakespeare's 'Othello.'
'Of Human _______'; enslavement, physical restraint.
Medium of communication.
Droop, sink, decline.
Judge; justice of the peace.
Chalcedony; a marble-like stone.
Brother of Menelaus, and husband of Clytemnestra.
Straggle, fall behind.
Definition/Clue'ag' Word
Large group of islands. 'The Gulag ___________.'
Not clear; hazy, indistinct.
The capital of Iraq.
Organization or association. Also, and old unit of measurement of about 3 miles.
Mediocre, middling, typical of a set.
Picks up iron; attractive; exerts attraction.
Old woman; witch.
Pain, suffering.
Villain in Dickens' novel 'Oliver Twist.'
In Louisiana, word means a little extra, or a gift.
Dogs do this with their tails.
Capital of the Czech Republic.
People should not see these or laws being made.
To dicker or bargain.
Word made from re-forming the letters of another word.
Pouch, purse. Tea comes in these.
Brook Shields was the 'creature' from the Blue ______.
Romeo's last name.
Colorful procession or display; 'beauty _______.'
Companion island to Assateague. 'Misty of ____________.'
Yummy with cream cheese or lox.
Medical determination of condition.
Piece. To split up.
Will be newest member of US Supreme Court?
Concealment by disguise or protective coloring.
Public show of respect; ceremonial acknowledgement.
To boast.
A forced labor camp in the former Soviet Union.
Boggy, muddy area. Predicament. This word often used to describe the Vietnam War.
Tool of witches, warlocks and Harry Potter.
Formation of mental images; album by Inti Illimani.

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