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To calm or pacify; set to rest.
Charge or accusation.
'Pledge of __________.'
Story with symbolic representation.
Quick, lively tempo in music.
One member of a pair of genes on a specific chromosome.
In Christianity, a song of praise to God; Hallelujah.
Causes sneezing, itching, and skin rashes. Hay fever is an example.
Ameliorate; to lessen pain or make something unpleasant more bearable.
Narrow street/passageway between or behind city buildings.
Close association of nations or other groups; partnership.
Often confused with a crocodile.
Using words that start with the same letter: 'Pretty peppy party, isn't it, pal?'
Plant family containing onions, chives, leeks, and garlic.
Division of goods or services.
When defendant tells details of crime in open court.
Apportionment, ration.
Weekly money kids get from their parents.
Combination of metals, amalgam.
Pimento Jamaica pepper; dried berries used as spice in baking.
To refer indirectly, briefly, or implicitly.
Attractive, enticing, desirable.
Sediment deposited by flowing water.
To fill with consternation or dismay.
Definition/ClueAll Word
Spherical toy.
To happen to (as if by fate); to take place.
To telephone; to summon.
Mawkish or unsophisticated; '________ Express.'
Plasterboard or sheetrock.
To hold spellbound; to captivate.
Used for sight.
To guard against beforehand.
Bitterness of feeling; effrontery. '____ bladder.'
What your cat coughs up.
Ruthless means to obtain an objective; 'play ________.'
Long iced alcoholic drink, or, to move at great speed.
Put in, set up, induct.
Shopping complex.
John, George, or Thurgood.
Whole, comprehensive. Also pants with bib and shoulder straps.
Remember, restore, take back.
First person future tense; will.
Deficiency; failure to meet a goal or a requirement.
Storm, windstorm. Also, to cry loudly.
Place for horses in a barn. Also, to put off or delay.
To be of great height.
Piece of unexpected good fortune; bonanza.

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