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Capital of Massachusetts.
Type of footwear, or what a car trunk is called in Britain.
Mumbai used to be called this.
James ____, 007.
Star of 'Angel' and 'Bones,' David ________.
___ Constrictor.
Male pig.
Expensive property in the game Monopoly.
Michael, row the ____ a-shore Hallelujah!
Man with no arms and no legs in the pool.
English cop.
______ Goldthwaite.
American songbird aka reedbird or ricebird.
Olympic winter event.
Hillbilly word meaning remarkable or prodigious.
Hispanic grocery; also means warehouse in Spanish.
Corset worn on the outside.
'____ of Evidence'; torso.
Overcome with amazement; also popular word game.
________ Rhapsody (1975 song by Queen).
Shot and a beer.
Noisy, excited.
Maurice Ravel's music popularized in the movie '10.'
Land-locked South American country.
____ Weevil (type of beetle that eats cotton).
Lenin was one.
To assail or overwhelm.
A gun in your holster might do this to your courage.
Western show starring Lorne Greene and Michael Landon.
What housewives eat while watching soap operas.
Celtic warrior queen who fought against Romans.
______ Twins (book series written by Laura Lee Hope).
Blues legend __ Diddley.
Successful movie or play is '_____' at the box office.
Toys with shaky heads.
Humphrey Bogart's nickname.
Pitfall; hidden danger or explosive.
'____ 'em, Danno!'
Disco dance, or kind of surfboard.
Blue ______; or British term for car hood.
'Of Human _______.'
Napoleon _________.
'Chantilly Lace' singer, the Big ______.
Lucretia ______.
_____ Karloff.
Island in the Malay Archipelago.
The study of plants.
Kind of dolphin.
Mutiny on the ______.
'_______ for Columbine.'
What goes under the mattress.
'___ Meets Girl' or maybe '___ Meets World.'
____ The Clown.

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