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Can you name the words that have aho or mate in them?

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Definition/ClueAhoy Matey :-)
Chips ____.
What pirates say after they say 'ahoy.'
Popular website with games, email and flickr.
People do this at Base Camp on Everest.
Someone who spends way too much time at the office.
Unite or blend with another metal.
(China, Japan, UK) Restaurant where one can purchase steeped beverages and light refreshments.
Not a pro.
Large freshwater lake and resort town located on the California/Nevada border.
Fill or filled with life.
(Little Mermaid) Harold was one of these.
Almost; very similar.
North Atlantic (American) edible clam.
Controlled or operated by machines.
South-central US state. Also, a musical ('Oh what a beautiful morning...')
(Chess) When one player corners another.
(Native American) Southwestern tribe (often spelled with a j).
(World) The change in this is associated with global warming.
1975 movie starring Diana Ross.
What married couples do on their wedding night.
(Pakistan) 16th-century Mogul capital.
What you do when you don't want to bury the person.
U.S. state famous for its potatoes.
Definition/ClueAhoy Matey :-)
To conspire with. They are 'in _______.'
Approximate calculation.
(Native American) Plains tribe.
Born out of wedlock.
Grip. 'Get _____ of yourself!!'
'Irrelevant and __________, your Honor!'
Having a super-high temperature.
A resident of the Big House.
Food plant with arrowhead-shaped leaves.
Victoria's Secret sells this kind of apparel.
Astride an equine.
Companion to paternal. '________ instinct.'
(Southeast US) Cassina Tree.
Next to last.
Small, black jumping bug that damages plants.
One of Hugh Hefner's centerfolds.
(India) The keeper and driver of an elephant.
Having opposable thumbs and stereoscopic color vision.
(Bermuda) Earth-burrowing, nocturnal bird.
(Maori) Tropical hibiscus tree or shrub.
Valuation that is too low (noun or verb).
(Hawaiian) Type of lava having a smooth, swirled surface.
Last, end.

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