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Who is the first person to die in the series?
How Many times does Frieza transform?
What is the name of the planet that Goku learns instant transmission?
What is the name of Goku and Vegeta's Potara Fusion?
Who does Frieza kill that causes Goku to go Super Saiyan?
What is Captain Ginyu's max power level?
What Android is the first to be defeated?
Which Dragon Ball does Goku have a special Connection with?
What Namekian does Piccolo fuse with on Namek?
How many times stronger does a Saiyan become when they turn Super Saiyan?
Who unlocks Gohan's Mystic Power?
What is the name of the beast that Goku destroys on Babidi's ship?
What is Vegeta's power level when he destroys Cui?
How many members of the Ginyu Force are there?
Name the villains in order they appear.
What are the names of Frieza's most trusted soldiers
Who trains Gohan to fight the Saiyans?
Who is considered the fastest person in the Universe before Goku arrives on Namek?
Who does Goku fight in the Other World Martial Arts Tournament, that is a challenge for him?
Who is causing problems in Hell (HFIL) and King Yema asks Goku and Pikkon to stop them?

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