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MeaningPrincipal PartsConj./Form
to love1st Conj.
to give1st Conj.
to stand1st Conj.
to help1st Conj.
to teach2nd Conj.
to have2nd Conj.
to lie down2nd Conj.
to order2nd Conj.
to move2nd Conj.
to see2nd Conj.
to yield, go3rd Conj.
to say3rd Conj.
to lead3rd Conj.
to do, drive3rd Conj.
to bear, wage3rd Conj.
to send3rd Conj.
to put3rd Conj.
to press3rd Conj.
to rule3rd Conj.
to write3rd Conj.
to drag3rd Conj.
to carry3rd Conj.
to turn3rd Conj.
to conquer3rd Conj.
to hear4th Conj.
to come4th Conj.
to takeMixed Conj.
to do, makeMixed Conj.
to throwMixed Conj.
MeaningPrincipal PartsConj./Form
to fallReduplicative
to cutReduplicative
to runReduplicative
to spareReduplicative
to bring forthReduplicative
to strike, driveReduplicative
to touchReduplicative
to stretchReduplicative
to tryDeponent
to speakDeponent
to riseDeponent
to followDeponent
to enjoyDep. + Abl.
to performDep. + Abl.
to useDep. + Abl.
to dareSemi-Dep.
to trustSemi-Dep.
to rejoiceSemi-Dep.
to be accustomedSemi-Dep.
to beIrregular
to be ableIrregular
to goIrregular
to carry, bearIrregular
to raise, removeIrregular
to become, happenIrregular
to wishIrregular
to be unwillingIrregular
to preferIrregular

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