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Veterinary Urology Quiz Part 2

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Which group of diuretics work by blocking NaCl cotransport and increasing calcium reabsorption?
Which group of diuretics work by inhibiting NaKCC cotransport and also decrease calcium reabsorption?
Which group of diuretics are potassium sparing?
Name a distal diuretic
What is the MOA of enalipril?
Name a drug which increases the excretion of uric acid
Which plant tannins get hydrolysed to phenolic compounds in the rumen?
Methylene blue or ascorbic acid can be used to reverse which condition?
What effect does NSAID toxicity have on urine output?
ochratoxin is linked to ingestion of which food?
Does high or low urine osmolarity predispose to UTIs?
Does acid or alkali urine predispose to UTIs?
Blood at the end of the urine indictates infection in which areas of the urinary tract?
Casts in the urine indicates infection on which area of the urinary tract?
Leaving urine at room temperature will make it more acidic or more alkaline?
What is the most common form of calculi in dogs?
What is the most common form of calculi in cats?
What kind of crystalluria is always abnormal?
Is there a dissolution diet for calcium oxalate?
The cyanide nitroprusside test, tests for which type of crystal?
Which breed are predisposed to urate calculi?
When treating which crystals should you not restrict phosphate?
Is feline lower urinary tract disease more common is neutered or intact males?

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