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What percentage of kidney function can be lost with no obvious dysfunction?
What is the function of Clopidogrel?
The PCT reabsorbs what percantage of the original glomerular filtrate?
NSAIDs cause impaired blood flow in the vasa recta in which disease?
Ethylene glycol poisoning causes precipitation of which substance in the kidney?
A sex linked non immune mediated glomerulonephropathy occurs in males from 2 months old in which breed?
An autosomal recessive cause of fibrin deposition in the glomeruli of females of which breed has been characterised?
Calcium nephropathy causes decreased sodium re-absorption and resulting polyuria. True or false?
Petechial haemorrhages of the bladder mucosa are pathognomonic or which condition?
Bracken fern and bovine papilloma virus have been linked to which condition of the bladder?
What is a normal urea concentration in mg/100ml?
Leptospira Canicola often causes which renal pathology?
Pyelonephritis is most commonly linked to which bacteria in the dog?
Acute tubular necrosis can be caused by which metals?
Pyelonephritis is most commonly linked to which bacterium in the sheep?
Shigella species, erysipelas, Staphs and tick pyaemia are all linked to which renal disease?
Clostridia species most notably cause an increase in which substance in the urine of an infected horse?
Renal blood flow accounts for what percentage of cardiac output?
What disease process is indicated by: persistent vomiting, diarrhoea, acidosis, hyperkalaemia, dehydration, oliguria (usually) and oral ulceration?
Antithrombin III is reduced in which kidney condition?
What is the MOA of distigmine bromine?
What is the MOA of flavoxate hydrochloride?
Is phenyoxybenzamine used to increase or decrease urethral sphincter resistance?
What is the MOA of oxybutyrin hydrochloride?
How do oestrogens increase urethral sphincter resistance?
Is prazosin used to increase urethral sphincter resistance?
What is the MOA of bethanacol chloride?
Is dantrolene relax smooth or skeletal muscle?
Is phenylpropanolomine used to increase urethral sphincter resistance?

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