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What effect do parasympathetic agonists have in the airways?
Do beta2Rs and sympathetic neurons dilate or constrict airways?
Do alpha1Rs dilate or constrict airways?
Which substance decreases mast cell degran?
Which emergency bronchodilator is beta selective?
decongestant alpha selective
beta2 selective horse bronchodilator
Xanthine bronchodilator
Anticholinergic to test for COPD in horses
Longer term anticholinergic
MOA of NSAIDS, glucocorticoids and antihistamines
Doxopram MOA
Which class of drugs inhibit the medullary coughing centre?
which group of drugs stim Rs in gastric mucosa>reflex increase in resp secretions?
Increases mucous production and muciciliary clearnace
Increases mucous production and muciciliary clearnace in horses

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