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2 ways to measure energy requirements of a dog or cat? (BM)
Can dogs be vegetarian?
Can cats be vegetarian?
Name 2 acids needed in higher volume in cats (AN)
Name 4 amino acids needed in cats in higher volumes (ACMT)
Which vitamin must be preformed in cats?
Cats have higher protein needs than humans but are intolerant of high carbs, true or false?
In which trimester of pregnancy should you increase the food intake of a bitch?
In an older dog with kidney damage, what should you not feed excess amounts of?
Should fish for pets be cooked?
What do eggs contain which means they must be cooked?
Risks of home made diet? (C-PZFT)
Caecotropths contain what important energy source?
Poor gut motility, poor gut flora and non-caecotrophy can be caused by low...what?
Chinchillas must have less than 3% what in their diets?
Which rodent gets diabetes and cataracts is fed as an omnivore?
Birds including poultry need which two essential AAs?
Which little birds need a higher oil level?
Which condition do terrapins and toroises get when fed too much protein?
Pig foods to supply energy? (BM)
Pig foods to supply protein? (F-MS-B-M)
Pig food to supply fibre?
What is the risk if sow is overfat during parturition?
Most important AA in pigs?
How many weeks old can you start to creep deed piglets?
What do piglets miss out on from the soil risking rickets?
Which deficiencies can lead to skin problems? (ZB)
Which deficiency in pigs causes hepatosis dietica,gastric ulcers and mulerry heart disease?
Which deficiency common in gilts leads to dog sitting posture?
What are piglets unable to digest?
How many hours a day should caow be ruminating for?
What is the basic DMI per day for a cow?
There is a delay in the DMI curve vs the milk yield curve resulting in...?
Is bypass protein digested by microbes or the cow?
What do cows eat? (GSHSCO-SMetc)
What is the max ratio of concs to forage?
This is because overfeeding leads to...?
Which days are peak yield lactation?
Increasing concs increases proprionate, does this increase or deacrease milk butterfat?
Which dietary disease can lead to LDAs?
Low carbs leads to low proprionate which is needed for conversion to what for acetate and butyrate entry into the TCA cycle?
What is the main nutritional factor in laminitis?
Restricting calcium in late gest could be beneficila in which nutritional disease?
Grass stagger is caused by def of what?
How many pints of colostrum do calves need in the first 6 hours?
Must have creep feed by how many weeks old?
wean around 4 weeks when eating how much a day?
DMI for horses?
What is in stressed grass which can induce endotoxaemia and laminitis?
Normal horse needs 1.5kg/100kg BW what daily?
Two diagnostic indicators for exertional rhabdomyolysis?
What do you feed poultry? (MF-MSOWP)
Erosion of what if fed too much fishmeal?
Which have reduced appetite: broilers or layers?
REduced hatchability in low...Vit? and R?
Organic diets or low lysine causes which disease?
Adult sheep need how much DMI per day?
How many weeks for sheep to gain one BCS?
How many mls/kg of colostrum in first 6 hours for lambs? with a total of 200ml/kg in first 24hours
traditional weaning age at how many months?
Deficiency of what causes steely wool and swayback?

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