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Esp winter under rugs, see sticky grey eggs
Obligate parasite, surface feeding
IGE response to midges, antigen swim tests available
Eggs on perineum
On heels and eyes, orange sticky serum
Type 1 hypersensitivity: urticaria tail rubbing
Hard scaly itchy skin in summer on neck head and sternum
Autoimmune vesicles
Autoimmune follicle dysplasia
Eps young: skin ooze, v infectious
Rain scald organism, obligate parasite, matted hair and ooze
Zebra hair loss, idiopathic
Acquired after infection, self limiting white patches
Irregular non inflam White skin lesions, non painful
Oozing pimples can progress to furunculosis
Ingestion of porphyrins
Damage to liver> can't digest chlorophyll
Idiopathic erythema and serum exudation
Paz can trigger these swellings
Caused by EHV 3
Occult, verrucose, nodular, fibroblastic, mixed
Esp greys
Esp mucocutaneous junctions
Commonly caused by pressure of saddle
Embryo defect, esp down spine, six resection
Tooth on side of skull
Im med vasculitis

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