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Strong or weak pulse in PDA and aortic regurg?
Strong or weak pulse in aortic stenosis?
Hepato-jugular reflux test indicates R or L sided heart failure?
Pulmonary hypertension will split which heart sound?
Which grade murmur has the same intensity as the heart beats?
Which grade murmur is the first with a precordial thrill?
Which waves in the ECG are vetricular wall depolarisation?
Which chamber enlargement gives a tall R wave?
Which chamber enlargement gives a deep S wave?
The heart appears taller on lat xray when which side is enlarged?
In cats, FIP and cardiomyopathy commonly cause what?
PDA is inherited in which breed?
Tetralogy of Fallot includes VSD, Pulmonic stenosis, dextraposition of aorta and...?
Name a cause of hydropericardium
Name a cause of haemopericardium
Name the three forms of pericardial inflammation
Name the two methods of muocardial mineralisation
Effect of Na/K pump inhibitor Digoxin
Common 3 drugs to treat heart failure
Another useful drug in heart failure
Disease caused by lyme disease and parvovirus
Name 2 heart parasites
Which heart parasite has a snail/slug intermediate and causes coagulopathies (other is transmitted by mosquitos)
A wandering pacemaker has which abnormal waves on ECG?
1st degree heart block is delayed transmission across the AV node, does it need Tx?
PR interval gets prog ponger until it is blocked in which condition?
PR interval is constant in which condition?
|How do you treat heart block
Name 3 cardiac side effects of quinine in horses
Name the 8 extra cardiac side effects (AACDDPRU)
What converts angiotensinogen to angiotensin 1?
What converts angiotensin 1 to 2?
Does angiotensin 2 increase or decrease preload nad afterload?
In which horse heart condition do you hear a L to R murmur and a secondary murmur of relative pulmonary stenosis?
Does aortic regurg cause an increase or decrease in diasolic pressure?
ST wave depressed in what pathology

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