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Which vasodilator MOA increases prostaglandin in vessel endothelium
Verapamil and Diltiazem are which class of antiarrhythmics? (Ca blockers)
Do increased thyroid hormones increase or decrease digoxin plasma concentration?
Which sympathomimetic inhibs PDE and inhibs arterial and venous SM (used in acute heart failure)
Which sympathomimetics inhib PDE and antagonise adenosine receptors (vasodilate, used in chronic heart failure)
Amiodarone, bretylium and sotalol are which class of antiarrhythmics? (block inward K channels, except sotalol)
Which vasodilator antagonises alpha 1 receptors
Which drug sympathomimetic is suitable for use in CHF
Lignocaine, tocainide and mexilitine are which class of antiarrhythmics? (block refractory Nas)
Which vasodilator can cause cyanide poisoning? Nitroglycerin or nitroprusside?
Digoxin causes which 2 main side effects? (AG)
Quinidine and Procainamide are which class of antiarrhythmics? (block fast Na channels)
Which class 2 beta blocker is beta 1 selective
Sympathomimetics cause which 4 main side effects? (ADGR)
Which class 1 undergoes extensive extraction by liver and causes convulsions?
Propranolol and metoprolol are which class of antiarrhythmics? (Beta blockers)
What can be used to treat animals with yew poisoning?
Methylxanthines cause which main iside effects? (GRST)
Hydralazine causes reflex tachycardia due to release of...?
Which organ eliminates Digoxin
Which drugs lead to decreased breakdown of bradykinin > vasodilation? (not v useful in cats)
Which diuretics block Na/CL?
Which diuretics block NaKCC
Beta 2 antagonism causes which side effect?

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