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MOA of penicillin, cephalosporin, vancomycin and bacitracin
MOA of Quinolones and Fluoroquinolones
MOA of Nitromidazoles
MOA of sulphonamides and trimethoprim
MOA of aminoglycosides
MOA of chloramphenicol
MOA of Macrolides
MOA of Lincosamides
MOA of tetracyclines
MOA oh pleuromutilin
MOA of amphoteracin B for systemic mycosis
MOA of flucytosine
MOA of Griseofulvin for skin infections
MOA of azoles and terbinafine
MOA of Lufenuron for cat ringworm
MOA of allopurinol for trypanosoma and leishmaniasis
MOA of Amprolium for coccidial spp
MOA of Antimonials for leishmaniasis
MOA of atovaquone for toxoplasmosis and pneumocystis
MOA of Bensinidazole for trypanosoma
MOA of Decoquinate anticoccidial
Halofuginone treats what in cats?
Nifurtimax treats which parasite?
Primaquine phosphate treats which protozoa
Quinacrine treats which parasites?
MOA of recombinant interferons
Aciclovir inhibits DNA pol of which virus?
Adefovir is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor, potentially useful in which disease?
MOA of organophosphates and carbonates
MOA of neonicotinoids eg imadocloprid
Semicarbazones block which ion channels?
Oxadiazine antagonise which ion channels?
Macrocylic lactones affect which ion channels?
2 receptors affected by spinosyns
Pyrethrums prolong opening of which ion channels?
Fipronil blacks GABA channels and is an example of which drug type?
MOA of Formamidines against ticks and mites
3 MOAs of JH analogues
MOA of Lufenuron
MOA of benzimidazoles
Name 3 benzimidazoles
MOA of imidazothiazoles and aceto aminonitrile derivatives
Which anthelmintics also antagonise the nACHR?
MOA of piperazine
Effect of cyclo-octodepsipeptides?
MOA of closantel
MOA of praziquantel

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