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QUIZ: Can you name the Alimentary pharmacology

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MOA of cimetidine
Name of the H+ pump blocker
MOA of aluminium and magnesium salts
Name the two ulcer coating agents
Name the synthetic prostaglandin
MOA of saturated sodium chloride
Emetic at D2R in CRTZ
Emetic at alpha2R
Mixed peripheral and cns emetic
MOA of kaolin
Antiemetic by gastric H2R antag
Antiemetic by gastric ACh antag
Antiemetic by gastric coordination of motility (prokinetic) and central D2R antag
Central antocholinergic antiemetic
Antiemetic by central H1R antag
Antiemetic by antag of CRTZ
Antiemetic by central NKIR antag
Antiemetic by central 5HTR antag
Antiemetic by cenral anti D2R, H1R, MR, alpha2
Name a receptor when agonised stimulates appetite
Decreases gut activity via opiate R mixed ag/antag
Decreases gut activity via antocholinergic
Does adrenergic stim increase or decrease gut motility
Relieves constipation by irritation
Relieves constipation by osmosis
Relieves constipation by lubrication
Relieves constipation by cholinergic agonism
Relieves constipation by AChE antagonism
Relieves constipation by enemas

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