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Can you name the rings in the Zelda Oracle games?

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Symbol of a meeting
Damage given/taken +
Damage given/taken ++
Damage given/taken +++
Damage given/taken -
Damage given/taken --
Damage given/taken ---
Sword Damage x2
Damage Taken 1/2
Damage given +, taken -
Damage given -, taken +
Punch with nothing equipped
Bomb damage +
Boomerang damage +
Life Advanced! (Ages)
Maple Meetings +
Get knocked back less
Lengthen Pegasus seeds
Throwing distance +
Slowly recover hearts
Recover hearts
Swimming speed +
Use spin attack faster
Shoot beams at -2 hearts
Shoot beams at -3 hearts
Lay 2 bombs at once
1/2 damage from traps
1/2 damage from beams
1/2 damage from falls
1/2 damage from spiked floors
No damage from electricity
No damage from Zora's Fire
No damage from small rocks
No sliding on ice
Cracked floors won't crumble
No sinking in quicksand
Beasts drop double Rupees
Beasts drop double Hearts
Find double items
Find double ore chucks
Sense soft earthnearby
Boomerang damage ++
Become an Octorock
Become a Moblin
Become a Like-Like
Become a Subrosian
Become Original Link
Double Spin Attack
No damage from own bombs
Beam replaces spin attack
Sword damage +, but you get hurt
Life Advanced! (Seasons)
Kill 1,000 beasts
Collected 10,000 Rupees
Kill Ganon
Break 100 signs
Appraise 100 rings
No effect from Jinxes
Grow better Gasha trees
Held bombs won't explode
Dive without breathing
Punch with nothing equipped
Weakens Sword with occasional power
Always take 1 heart damage

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