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Father to Nina Tucker; creates chimeras to be able to keep working for the military; combined Nina and her dog, Alexander into a chimera; murdered by Scar; known as 'The Sewing Lif
Homunculus, with the ability to transform his body into a sheild, giving him the nick-name as 'The Ultimate Shield'; his Ouroboros Tattoo is located on the back of his left hand
A colonel in the military; known to be a slacker and a ladies man; loves dogs; dreams of a miniskirt army; known as the Flame Alchemist
First lieutenant under the command of Roy Mustang; one of the best marksmen in the military; known as the 'Hawk's Eye'
Homunculus, with the ability to transform into any body he desires; very cruel and sadistic; murdered Maes Hughes; his Ouroboros Tattoo is located on his left thigh
A master alchemist and skilled martial artist living in Dublith in Southern Amestris; married to Sig Curtis; teacher of Edward and Alphonse Elric; runs a butcher shop; lost her ins
One of colonel Mustang's most trustworthy subordinates; always found with a cigarette in his mouth; gains paralysis in episode 19
Serves as the Fuhrer's hidden left hand in the secret battles in the future; admittedly sadistic and arguablly psychopathic; imprisoned for using alchemy to kill people not on his
A Ishvalan man who murders state alchemists claiming 'their judgement has come' all because of what the alchemists did during the Ishvalan war; real name is unknown; killed Winry R
Older sister of Alex Armstrong; eldest of the Armstrong siblings, the general who is in charge up at Fort Briggs in the north
A young woman living in the town of Liore; one of the main believers in Cornello until he was labeled as a frod; parents and boyfriend died
Homunculus, with the ability to eat almost endlessly; has the failed entry to the gate located in his stomach, symbolized by a giant eye; has the Ouroboros Tattoo located on his to
The Fuhrer of Amestris; is determined to create the Philosopher's Stone for his creator; is a Homunculus known as Wrath
A serial killer; enjoys chopping things into little pieces, specifically humans; after he was executed, his soul was combined with a suit of armor with a blood seal and was a guard
Wife to Maes Hughes; becomes a widow after Maes' murder; friends with Roy Mustang; very kind and thoughtfull and sometimes bakes treats for Edward and Alphonse Elric
Has an automail arm and leg; called small occassionally; known as the FullMetal Alchemist
Homunculus, who is very lazy and complains about things being 'annoying' and a 'pain' all the time; his Ouroboros Tattoo is located on his right shoulder
Homunculus, known as 'The Dwarf in the Flask'; gave himself and Van Hoenheim immortality, taking a body that looks very identical to Van's; named Van Hoenheim as well as tutored hi
One of Ling Yao's body guards; Lan Fan's grandfather; wise and exceptionally skilled
Winry Rockbell's grandmother; is also called 'Grandma' by Edward and Alphonse; good friends with Van Hoenheim
The twelfth prince of the emperor in Xing, his home country; traveled to Amestris with Lan Fan and Fu, who are his body guards, because he is looking for immortality so he can beco
Husband to Izumi Curtis; owns a butcher shop; extremely strong; housed Edward and Alphonse Elric when being taught alchemy by Izumi; particularly skilled with cutlery
A major in the military stationed at Fort Briggs as General Olivier Mira Armstrong's personal adjutant; dutiful and intelligent; holds a great admiration for Olivier; an Ishvalan m
Homunculus, with the ability to stretch her fingers to an amazing length, becoming as sharp as swords; paralyzed Jean Havoc, and almost killed Roy Mustang, was attempted to be kill
Doesn't have a body; connected by a blood seal; mistaken usually as the FullMetal Alchemist
Adopted son of the Fuhrer; threatens Riza that he is 'watching her from the shadows' in episode 39; is a Homunculus known as Pride
One of colonel Mustang's most trustworthy subordinates; holds a remarkably keen intelligence; very strategic; graduated at the top of his class from military academy
A Sergeant in the military; the present military partner to Maria Ross; rather nosy and lazy, and has an enormous infatuation with his partner; very sensitive to criticism and will
The seventeenth royal princess of Xing; also came to Amestris looking for immortality to save her clan; has a small panda named Xiao-Mei, who is mistaken for a cat; very skilled in
One of Ling Yao's body guards; seems to have a closer relationship with Ling than her Granfather does; loses her left arm, which was replaced by a combat automail arm
A large and comically emotional state alchemist; has a tendency to sparkle and flex for 'other's benefits'; known as the Strong Arm Alchemist
Is now a doctor; one of the oldest known alchemists of the series and incredible knowlegde regarding alchemy; gave Edward Elric the clue to finding the secrets of the Philosopher's
Childhood friend of Edward and Alphonse Elric; can be known as a bossy person, which is protrayed when she is trying to get Edward to drink his milk; mentioned to herslef that she
Daughter of Shou Tucker; around the age of four; has a pet dog named Alexander; becomes good friends with Edward and Alphonse, looking at them as older brothers; her father combine
A second Lieutenant in the military; the present military partner to Denny Brosh; was blamed for Maes Hughes' murder and escaped from prison with the help of Barry the Chopper
One of colonel Mustang's most trustworthy subordinates; expert in communication and surveillance equipment; very kind and always wearing a smile; originally found Black Hayate
Obssessed with his family; uses Push Knives as his weapon; one of the main comic relief characters; killed by Envy
Daughter to Maes Hughes; devastated and confused during Maes' funeral; looks at Winry Rockbell as an older sister, calling her 'Sis'; is around the age of three
One of colonel Mustang's most trustworthy subordinates; intelligent with a remarkable memory; a rookie when it comes to combat

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