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Unfinished QuoteMissing Word/WordsCharacter Speaking
I'm echoing you. For __________.Maurice
I do! If my neighbor is ________!Mort
You'll find sarcasm is more effective if you don't giggle it out like a ______, Private.Skipper
Silly penguin. It's always ___________ SOMEwhere.King Julien
But this time, I have an army of ____________!Dr. Blowhole
Kowalski, are you trying to read my mind or _________?Skipper
Maurice! My _________ is broken!King Julien
Sorry boys, I sometimes resort to sarcasm when ___________.Skipper
This is Chuck Charles and I _________. Help.Chuck Charles
He's right! I am secretly a ________! No, no, that one was a lie.....King Julien
We could replace Rico's brain with ________.Kowalski
I have a fancy spy car that can shoot things out of the headlights! No, _______......they won't expect that.King Julien
Unfinished QuoteMissing Word/WordsCharacter Speaking
That... was the most awesome thing I have ever seen that _________.King Julien
Aspirate ___________, bottlenose!Kowalski
All I ask is that you be as gentle as the __________.Private
Nothing.... why? What's so suspicious about a penguin and his _________?Private
I don't have a better word than awesome, so I 'm just gonna ___________, only this time, even louder!The Rat King
Yeah, I think I'm gonna go ahead and risk it, but I do appreciate your ______.Marlene
Okay, only 100 yards to the nearest _____..........Fred
Why do the bad guys always ___________?Kowalski
Manfredi and Johnson thought so. What was left of them came home in a ___________.Skipper
You like pictures of red squirrels, ey? You know who likes red squirrels? ____________!!!!!Buck Rockgut
If only you could explain this to yourself without destroying the __________Private

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