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Can you name the 'Penguins of Madagascar' Hard Trivia?

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What fruit is King Julien 'not 100% on'?
What made Maurice go crazy?
What is Private 'always thinking about'?
What country can Skipper no longer go to?
Who is the reason Skipper can't go to above answer?
What did Mort artichoke? (umm.....)
What does Julien hate the smell of?
What fish scares the ducks out of their pond, and also scares Rico, Private, and Kowalski?
What does Eggy want to fight and where?
What does Lemmy get taken by?
What is Marlene's favorite instrument?
What is Private's favorite show?
How much is the diamond necklace worth in 'Hot Ice'?
In 'The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel', what is Private's 'Heart's Desire'?
What does Skipper want to slap?
Private is always the bait beacuse he is 'gullible and _________'
What does Rico want his doll girlfriend equipped with?
Kowalski steals the processor from Mort's video game to power what?
What is the name of the main character in Mort's video game?
What is Mort's favorite month?
When Skipper thinks he's Chuck Charles, Kowalski says he has what?
When Julien has Maurice attach balloons to his lounge chair, he calls it what?
When King Julien issues a decree, how many peanuts does Marlene bet that it's about his feet?
According to Skipper, what can't they trust?
What does Chuck Charles call Dr. Blowhole's Ring of Fire?
What does King Julien use to cut down the Christmas Tree in Times Square?
What does Skipper consider an eighth continent?
Which of Kowalski's inventions 'turns thought into action'?
What is the Penguins favorite candy?
What one thing did Kowalski need before his time machine was fully functional?

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