Penguins of Madagascar- The Ultimate Character Quiz

Can you name the Characters of 'Penguins of Madagascar'?

Character's SpeciesCharacter's NameExtra Hint
PenguinThe Leader (if you can't get this one, just quit now)
PenguinThe Options Guy
PenguinThe Cute One
PenguinThe Kaboom Crazy One
Ring-tailed Lemur The Self-Proclaimed King of the Zoo (and the outlying midtown areas)
Aye-aye LemurThe King's Right Hand Man
Mouse LemurThe King's Number One Fan
River OtterThe Girl from Northern California
HumanThe Crabby Zookeeper
Bottlenose DolphinThe Diabolical Arch-Enemy of the Penguins
ChimpanzeeHe likes tea and is a complete neat-freak.
ChimpanzeeHe can't talk but can read, and knows sign language.
ElephantHe's.... crazy for peanuts?
RhinoThe rhino. (really detailed hint, right?)
GorillaMafia Gorillas
GorillaMafia Gorillas
KangarooHe needs anger management.
KoalaHe's extremely scared of the penguins.
AlligatorThe penguins' mild-mannered friend from the sewer.
HumanThe Pompous Anchorman
Poison Dart FrogHe started out as a bully.
FlamingoJust.... the flamingo.
CatWas in one of the first episodes ever, when the penguins thought they had gone to the moon.
RatHe's the king of the rats (which actually gives you your answer)
HumanThe Over-Eager Repairman
SquirrelHe doesn't even know what a lemur is.
SquirrelYou know who else wants a hint?.....there's your hint.
Character's SpeciesCharacter's NameExtra Hint
PenguinCrazy penguin agent hunting for above answer.
PenguinOne of the character's uncles, British, actually a spy.
PuffinHe's One Diabolical Double-Crossing Dane.
LemurHe was... eeeeeeviiiiiillll.
Boa ConstrictorScary Snake from Hoboken.
HumanHis mother never told him his real name... said it was 'classified'.
WalrusShe was a really annoying roommate, and ended up being a spy.
HumanThe Dark Mastermind of Hoboken
HumanThe commissioner
ChimpOne of the chimps fell in love with her when she was transferred from Hoboken temporarily.
DucklingThe penguins took care of him when he was just an egg.
DuckAbove character's mother. Now the answer's obvious.
PenguinOften mentioned, never actually seen. Allegedly dies in many gruesome ways.
PenguinSame hint as above... I guess 'technically' they're not real characters.
DolphinAlso 'technically' not a character, but mentioned often, Kowalski was in love with her.
HumanThe vet's young intern, Private's crush
BaboonShe sung country in one episode.
HumansThe Terrible Twosome
LionHe was in the movies.
CockroachOnly one of the cockroaches mentioned by name.
Human The kid who saw a penguin mission on his field trip.
HumanAbove kid's teacher.
Snow MonkeyHe was almost Skipper's Spirit Guide
RacoonHe's a lousy back-stabbing cheat! Pretended to be a 'Robin Hood'-like hero.
ArmadilloMini-Golf Pro
Character's SpeciesCharacter's NameExtra Hint
HumanA Thief Out-Smarted by Animals
HumanThief Out-Smarted by Animals
HumanThe Fashionable Art Critic
HumanThe Sweet Old Lady Who Gives the Animals Treats
RobotLife Emulating Robot, or LEM-R.
Um...jelly?The Fruit-Devouring Monster of Gelatinous Mass
HumanThe guy that just 'up and quit'... (Okay, another technically-not-a-character)
PigeonHe's a Pest of a Pigeon.
HumanAn Elephant Never Forgets...
Peregrin FalconSkipper's Ex-Girlfriend
OtterThe Otter Bachelor of Central Park
HumanThe news anchorman's co-host
Human Not to be confused with Scooter Alvarado (I'm doing it again...)
Alter-EgoSkipper's Superhero Character (Okay, now I'm just being cruel...)
Alter-EgoKowalski's Superhero Character
Alter-EgoPrivate's Superhero Character
Alter-EgoRico's Superhero Character
Alter-EgoJulien's Supervillain Character
Cardboard BoxWhen Julien gets creative. (Now I've moved to inanimate didn't know it'd be THIS hard, did you?)
DollRico's Plastic Girlfriend
Albino Spider MonkeyMost likely does not exist. (I'm evil, aren't I?)
Lunicorn She glows in the dark!
LunicornHe forgot above answer's birthday!
Battery (yes, I said battery)The battery that failed King Julien. (Hey, at least I didn't ask you for all the stuffed animals Julien talks to)
LobsterOne of the evil dolphin's minions.
Mutant LobsterThe evil dolphin's created monster.
PinataHe has candy guts!

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