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Can you name the 'The Backyardigans' Season One Song Lyrics?

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Song LineMissing Word/WordsMusic Genre
'Cuz there's nothin' as easy as fallin' off a ___Reggae
Into the ____ __ __, Into the ___ __ __, but we can't see where we're goingGibert and Sullivan Operetta
Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, I'm stompin' that ___ stompFunk
If you wanna be a _____ if that's who you're liking say 'yaa!'Rockabilly
Mystery _______, they call me mystery _______, on tiki beach yo...Afrobeat
Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip, dancin' the ______ polkaPolka
Float, ______, Fly, oh rock, oh rock on hilltop high.....Disco
We are yucky, we are evil, we are not the nicest people, we are _____ _____Salsa
Song LineMissing Word/WordsMusic Genre
It's cold cold cold dude, but I'm ___ ___ ___, watch me nowZydeco
A _______, a ______, I'll bring the king a ______....Big Band
We need three presents, we need three presents for the ______Broadway showtunes
There's an Echo, there's an echo, In this ______, Hip-Hop/Rap
We are _______ on duty, guarding the big snowball.Western Swing
_______, _______! It's a word from ancient Greek-a......Township Jive
Gotta _____ ahead, straight ahead, _____ ahead straight.Calypso

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