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QUIZ: Can you name the The things that start with V, F, R?

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V- A win
F- Imaginary
R- What April is
V- A synonym for 'town'
F- Think 'trees'
R- In both Asia and Europe
V- Similar to a violin
F- Similar to a Piccolo
R- Similar to a clarinet
V- Carnivorous Plant
F- Pretty Magenta Flower
R- California Tree
V- Digging Rodent
F- Gliding Rodent
R- Scampering Rodent
V- Long Tropical Pod; used for baking
F- Chewy Purple Fruit
R- Poisonous Leaves, Edible Pink or Red Stem
V- Little Purple Flower
F- Plant with small blue or pink flowers
R- Showy Clusters of White, Pink, Red or Purple flowers
V- Big Family Car
F- Warrior Plane
R- Self-Propelled Floating Thing

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