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Forced Order
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What is Frodo's Mother's First Name?
Who is the10-year-old that Pippin befriends in Gondor?
Who is the Above answer's Father?
What is the Name of the Battering Ram Sauron's army used?
The hobbits meet Tom Bombadil in what forest?
Who is Theoden's niece,who also killed the King of the Nazguls?
Above answer falls in love with who?
When the hobbits first meet Aragorn, what is he called?
Who is the bartender at the inn at Bree?
What is the name of that inn?
Sam throws an apple at who?
What is the name of the mountain the Fellowship attempts to climb?
What is the name of the first Ent that Pippin and Merry meet?
Who eventually kills Saruman?
Who sneaks the Palantir from Gandalf?
Who cut the ring off of Sauron?
What is the name of the Uruk-Hai cheif who captures Merry and Pippin?
What is the name of the stair that Gollum leads Frodo and Sam to?
Minas Tirith was once called what?
Smeagol (Gollum) killed who to get the ring?
Legolas comes from what forest?
Who is Gimli's Father?
What people does Aragorn come from?
What is Gollum's favorite food?
What animal has Sam always wanted to see?
Who is the Prince of Dol Amroth?
What are the name of the woods where Frodo and Sam meet Faramir?
Pippin swore allegiance to who?
Merry swore allegiance to who?
Who does Aragorn wed?

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