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TypeCard NameAbility
Spellcaster/EffectATK Increases by 300 for every Dark Spellian
SpellcasterUltimate Wizard in ATK & DEF
Spellcaster/EffectIncrease ATK 500p for each card eqipped to it
Winged BeastBeautiful human shaped animal
AquaMermaid in a Protective Shell
AquaEndless supply of water
SpellcasterTerrific Defense
AquaTransforms water into Dragons
SpellcasterTwins that alternate attacks
FairyAttacks with Sharp Spear
Aqua/EffectField becomes UMI
Spellcaster/EffectWhen sent to Graveyard move monster to hand from deck
Rock/EffectDestroys all Monsters & pick 5 cards from Decks
DragonFerocious with deadly attack
FishServes as Herald of the sea king
Rock/EffectIncrease ATK & DEF 300p for every card in hand
WarriorFemale master with Whip
Fiend/EffectWhen sent to graveyard move monster to hand from deck
Spellcaster/EffectWhen inflict damage to opponent's LP draw 1 card
Insect/EffectDestroys 1 monster
DragonTaps into Dark Forces
DragonLegendary, powerful & almost Invincible
WarriorLady armed with sword & shield
Spellcaster/EffectSelect 1 spell card from graveyard & return to hand
Winged BeastBody encased in bluish white flames
FairySix winged
FishLures voyagers to watery grave
TypeCard NameAbility
Aqua/EffectIncrease ATK of all Water monsters by 500p
DragonGifted with untapped Power
Fiend/EffectDiscard from hand to make damage to LP 0
Insect/EffectDiscard 5 cards from opponents deck to graveyard
SpellControl 1 opposing monster
SpellPut 1 monster from either graveyard on Field
TrapNegate ATK & destroy
SpellDestroys all opponents field spell & trap cards
TrapSelected monster can't ATK
SpellIncreases ATK & DEF by 700p
SpellOpponent can't ATK for 3 turns
TrapMonster is Destroyed
SpellDestroys all opponents monsters
SpellIncrease ATK by 700p
TrapDamage to opponents LP 1 card discarded
TrapNegate activation of spell card
SpellDraw 2 cards
SpellDestroys 1 Trap card
SpellDestroys 1 Spell card
TrapDestroy opponents monster with high ATK
TrapMonster sent to graveyard will cause owner 500 LP
SpellWhen opponent attacks they send 1 card from deck to graveyard
TrapIncrease LP by 300 for each card on field
TrapDestroy 1 monster & inflict direct damage to both LP
TrapOffer 1 monster to negate the summon of one
TrapDraw 2 cards & skip your next 2 draw phases

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