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When Lucy carves the pumpkin in the opening sequence, Linus shouts, 'You didn't tell me you were going to _________________!'
According to Linus, never jump into a pile of leaves with a _______________
The signed document Lucy offers Charlie Brown to convince him to try to kick the football was never _______________
Linus says that more people believe in Santa rather than the Great Pumpkin because Santa has better
Three things Linus has learned never to discuss: name one
Who threw the big Halloween party?
Charlie Brown's costume is the result of him having a little trouble with the
Lucy wears which mask over her ghost costume?
Two other kids added to their ghost costumes. Name one of these additions.
Sally is concerned about the legality of trick-or-treating because she wouldn't want to be accused of taking part in a ______________
Linus wants to sing what while sitting in the pumpkin patch?
What quality is most desirable to the Great Pumpkin?
When Linus says to Sally, 'I thought little girls always believed everything that was told to them. I thought little girls were innocent and trusting,' she says
Besides Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Violet, name one of the four other kids who goes to the party?
Snoopy, as the World War I flying ace, flies which type of plane?
At the party, Charlie Brown served as a model for a
Snoopy's nemesis is
At the party, Lucy has the perfect mouth to
Name one of the four songs that Schroeder plays for Snoopy at the party
Who rises out of the pumpkin patch, causing Linus to faint?
When Sally realizes she missed out on tricks or treats for nothing, she shouts
At what time does Lucy go outside to bring Linus in from the pumpkin patch
All Charlie Brown had to show for his trick or treating was a

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