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QUIZ: Can you name the pieces of trivia from the classic children's special A Charlie Brown Christmas?

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Which activity do Charlie Brown and Linus participate in at the beginning of the show?
Linus says, 'Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you're the_________________.'
Who did NOT send Charlie Brown a Christmas card?
Lucy's sign at her psychiatrist stand says The Doctor Is
Charlie Brown tells Lucy that the phobia he suffers from is
Who is the director of the Christmas play?
What does Lucy *really* want for Christmas?
During the dance scene at the pageant rehearsal, who is playing the double bass?
What instrument does Snoopy play?
What is the physical quality Frieda is most proud of?
Which animal does Lucy ask Snoopy to impersonate that is NOT in the traditional manger scene?
Name one of the three things Lucy asks for after she is kissed by Snoopy?
Which Christmas song does Schroeder play off-key, with one finger, to placate Lucy?
How many good reasons does Lucy give Linus to memorize his lines?
What role does Linus play?
Which kid, who was doing the zombie during the dance, played one of the shepherds?
Who played Linus' wife?
Name one of the two ancient kings Charlie Brown invokes when describing where Pigpen's dust came from?
Lucy's role in the Christmas Pageant is
Who does Lucy say really runs Christmas?
Lucy says Charlie Brown should get a Christmas tree made out of what material?
What does Charlie Brown exclaim when he meets the kids' disapproval of his Christmas tree selection?
Who tells Charlie Brown what Christmas is all about?
When 'the glory of the Lord shows round about them,' the shepherds are
What does Charlie Brown see in the sky that inspires him?
From which character's house does Charlie Brown get an ornament to put on his little tree?
What does Charlie Brown say after he puts the ornament on the tree?
Lucy says, 'Charlie Brown is a _______________, but he did get a nice tree.'
Which Christmas carol are the children singing around the tree?

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