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What is the name of the demon that resulted in Prue's death?
Who ended up ageing rapidly as the result of an accidental wish?
In the episode 'Size Matters' what part of the anatomy is Finn missing?
What is Billie's surname?
Who does Piper dress as for Hallowe'en in the episode 'All Halliwell's Eve'?
How many times did Paige die during the course of Charmed?
What is the name of Cole Turner's demonic form?
How many times did Phoebe die during the course of Charmed?
What is Phoebe's favourite film?
What famous Buffy actress portrayed Kyra, the Seer in Season 7?
In the Season 9 comics, Phoebe regains which powers?
Leigh-Allyn Baker, Will & Grace's Ellen, plays which Season 1 warlock?
What was the demon's name in the episode 'From Fear To Eternity'? in which the sisters faced their greatest fears?
In Season 6, Wyatt is removed from existence temporarily for conjuring what?
What important, enigmatic character appears for the first time in Oh My Goddess (Part 1)?
Which characters screams 'Uncle Coop!' in the show's finale?
'Aboleo exitum cavium du eternias' is the spell to contain which ancient vapour?
The symbol on the front of the Book of Shadows is called a...?
What is a place that is equidistant from all five elements called?
In the second issue of the Charmed Season 9 comics, which innocent did the Halliwell's attend the funeral of?

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