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Can you name the movies which have been remade?

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Burt Reynolds (1974)Adam Sandler (2005)
Walter Matthau (1974)Denzel Washington (2009)
Austin Stoker (1976)Ethan Hawke (2005)
Akira Takarada (1954)Matthew Broderick (1998)
Kevin McCarthy (1956)Donald Sutherland (1978)
Fay Wray (1933)Naomi Watts (2005)
Gene Barry (1953)Tom Cruise (2005)
Jamie Lee Curtis (1980)Maggie Grace (2005)
Charlton Heston (1968)Mark Wahlberg (2001)
James Caan (1975)Chris Klein (2002)
Michael Caine (1969)Mark Wahlberg (2003)
Marilyn Burns (1974)Jessica Biel (2003)
Edward Woodward (1973)Nicolas Cage (2006)
David Hedison (1958)Jeff Goldblum (1986)
Susan Lanier (1977)Aaron Stanford (2006)
Jodie Foster (1976)Lindsay Lohan (2003)
Boris Karloff (1932)Brendan Fraser (1999)
David Emge (1978)Ving Rhames (2004)
Michael Rennie (1951)Keanu Reeves (2008)
Glenn Ford (1957)Russell Crowe (2007)
Michael Caine (1971)Sylvester Stallone (2000)
Edward Abeles (1914)Richard Pryor (1985)
George Segal (1977)Jim Carrey (2005)
Frank Sinatra (1960)George Clooney (2001)
Robert Mitchum (1962)Robert De Niro (1991)
Rod Taylor (1960)Guy Pearce (2002)
Steve McQueen (1968)Pierce Brosnan (1999)
H.B. Halicki (1974)Nicolas Cage (2000)
Hayley Mills (1961)Lindsay Lohan (1998)
Vincent Price (1953)Paris Hilton (2005)

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