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Forced Order
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Name of the First Episode
La Grenouille translated to english
La Grenouille's Daughter's name
Name of Thom E. Gemcity's first book
Line Kate said before she was Killed by Ari's sniper
Fornell's First Name
Town in which Gibbs was born
Plays Jimmy Palmer
In a Drawing done by Kate, Abby is depicted as a...
In her first episode, Ziva walked in on Tony talking to a hallucination of Kate, what did he say to Kate when Ziva was walking in?
The Name that Abby gave the dog that attacked McGee and was accused of murder
Name McGee gave Gibbs in his book
Rule 9 (Gibbs)
Rule 9 (Abby)
Ducky's assistant in Season 1
McGee's Sister's name
Tony used his father's $300 track suit to make what kind of costume for Halloween?
Gibbs' daughter's name
NCIS is a spinoff of what show...
In the Season 2 Episode 'SWAK' Tony is infected with what?
When his car was blown up, how did Ducky find out the man in Tony's car was not him
Gibbs' father's name
Finish this quote from Ziva; 'He's on the...'
Name of the Agent who was with Shepard when she was killed
How Ari Hanswari related to Ziva?
What did Abby have to ask permission for after a Sexual Harassment Seminar?
Name of Abby's Psycho assistant who tried to frame DiNozzo for murder
Which one of Gibbs' ex-wives mothers was framed for murder
Ducky's mother's name
In what city did Tony work before NCIS?

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